Tokuyama, Estelite Sigma Quick, Syringe, B3, 3.8g

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    • Manufacturer SKU: 13118

      Manufactured By: Tokuyama Dental America Inc.

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    Estelite® Sigma Quick is a universal, 100% spherically filled composite, with a filler weight of 82% (71% volume). With Estelite Sigma Quick the best just got better; offering all the same characteristics of Estelite Sigma with the addition of three new benefits. Compared to Estelite Sigma, Estelite Sigma Quick offers a reduced curing time (by one third) and an extended working time (90 seconds) under the dental light by utilizing Tokuyama’s patented innovative initiator system 'Radical Amplified Photopolymerization (RAP) Technology'. Estelite Sigma Quick also has three new shades; A5, OPA2 (Opaque), and WE (White Enamel), a new bleach shade. Benefits > Extended working time (90 sec.) > Quick (reduced) curing time > Outstanding polishability > High gloss retention over time > Wide shade matchingrange/'Chameleon effect' > High wear resistance > Less wear to opposing teeth > Excellent radiopacity > Minimal shrinkage > Available in 20 shades Estelite® Sigma Quick Syringe 3.8g/syringe