Scican, Aseptim Plus Unit, & Starter kit

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    • Manufacturer SKU: SCP-7085

      Manufactured By: Sci-Can Inc.

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    Fast, efficient disinfection in caries, endodontics, perio and peri-implantitis The ASEPTIM Plus system utilises photo-activated disinfection to eliminate all species of oral bacteria in the treatment of root canals, periodontal disease, peri-implantitis and caries. The ASEPTIM technology is supported by an extensive list of peer-reviewed, published, microbiological and clinical studies. Equally effective on the bacteria found in root canals, periodontal pockets, peri-implantitis and carious teeth. How does ASEPTIM technology work? ASEPTIM technology is based on two components: a solution of dilute, pharmaceutical grade tolonium chloride (a vital stain) and red light that emits a specifIc wavelength (635 nm) to activate the ASEPTIM solution. Introduced into dental hard or soft tissue, the ASEPTIM solution selectively targets and tags all bacteria. When the solution is activated by the ASEPTIM light, it releases singlet oxygen which ruptures the cell walls of bacteria, killing them in seconds. Aseptim solution selectively eliminates all bacteria and, unlike other methods of disinfection, does not affect the healthy surrounding tissue, nor does it stain soft tissue or tooth coloured restoration. Benefits for dentists - Kills all bacteria associated with all types of oral lesions - Saves time and enables endo treatment in a single visit - Works only at the infection site, reducing the need for other local and systemic antimicrobials - Compliments minimally invasive treatment as a simple adjunct to your usual restorative procedure - Improves and speeds up the healing process - Is painless and welcomed by patients, especially children - Is safe, with no known side-effects - The unit is small and portable for maximum flexibility and convenience