Miltex, Forceps, Extracting, XCISION, 51SB, Lower Root

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    • Manufacturer SKU: DEFXC51SB

      Manufactured By: Integra LifeSciences Sales LLC

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    Xcision(TM) Extracting Forceps Miltex® Xcision(TM) brand Extracting Forceps are original forceps featuring a unique, light weight, ergonomic handle with tapered beaks. The handle features smooth circular openings for easy cleaning. In addition, the lightweight handles help reduce hand and wrist fatigue. The tapered beaks are designed to grip the tooth deeper in the socket, providing a smoother extraction and reduced trauma to the surrounding tissue. Miltex® Xcision Extracting Forceps provide you: * Subgingival Access - Beaks are anatomically shaped and tapered to allow deeper access in the tooth socket * Unique Ergonomic Handle - Smooth handle with circular openings reduces hand and wrist fatigue and aids cleaning * Durability - Made from high quality German stainless steel, and features a plastic disk to help reduce wear on the hinge