Kerr, Softline, Refill, Dark Pink

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  • Acrylics & Reline MaterialsSoft Chairside Reline Materials
    • Manufacturer SKU: 32235

      Manufactured By: Kerr Corporation

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    Don’t let “long waits” or “delays” for laboratory relines ruin your free time! SoftLine’s 15-minute chairside reline will give your patients a permanent vacation away from poorly fitting dentures and have them back to the beach in no time!

    SoftLine is the soft alternative to acrylic-based reliners.

    SoftLine cures entirely in the mouth in three minutes, with no heat, odor, or unpleasant taste.

    No messy mixing or handling.

    SoftLine is compatible with all methylmethacrylate-based synthetic materials. It is applied chairside, utilizing an auto-mix delivery system that allows for equal mixing with a one-to-one ratio, while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. SoftLine is a welcome alternative to the messy handling and inevitable air entrapment associated with acrylic-based materials. In addition, the materials are available in three tissue shades as well as translucent.

    Practical and Versatile.

    SoftLine can be used effectively to relieve pressure areas in the upper and lower jaw. It provides post damming in case of adhesion problems and improves fit with flabby ridges. It can also be utilized for cushioning implants and as overdentures during the healing process.

    With SoftLine, both you and your patients will smile.

    Because SoftLine cures so quickly, your patients will make their departure with their relined dentures or partials in place – and your chair will be ready for the next patient in half an hour.


    • Simple process
    • Cures in the mouth in fewer than 3 minutes
    • Practical and versatile
    • Three shades available
    • Costs less than lab relines
    • Automix cartridge delivery
    • PVS based


    • Easy to use
    • Frees up chair time
    • Many uses
    • Versatile and easy to color match
    • Saves money
    • Accurate and premeasured mixture each time Absorbs less water than lab relines, Last longer, Resists stains and odors, Cures in the mouth, Emits no heat, odor or unpleasant taste

    Order Information

    Intro Kit
    1 50 ml Cartridge Relining Material
    6 Mix Tips
    1 Bottle Bonding Agent (5 ml)
    1 Bottle Varnish, Base (5 ml)
    1 Bottle Varnish, Catalyst (5ml)
    25 Four-Cavity Mixing Wells (disposable)
    38 Applicators

    47588 - Light Pink
    47589 - Dark Pink

    1 Cartridge Relining Material (50 ml)
    6 Mix Tips
    1 Bottle Bonding Agent (5 ml)
    25 Four-Cavity Mixing Wells (disposable)
    38 Applicators

    47590 - Light Pink
    47591 - Dark Pink
    47592 - Clear
    00000 - Varnish Base & Catalyst (5 ml bottle of each)
    22506 - Bonding Agent (5 ml bottle)

    28747 - Extruder Gun
    29333 - Mix Tip Refill, Large (pkg of 48 tips)
    27157 - Four-Cavity Mixing Wells (100 disposable)