GC, G-Bond Kit, 5ml Bottle, 50 tips, & handle

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    • Manufacturer SKU: 002277

      Manufactured By: GC America Inc.

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    One component, one coat bonding system for light-cured composites G-BOND is a NEW revolutionary 7th Generation (single component) adhesive that takes the guesswork out of bonding. The unique combination of phosphoric acid ester monomer and 4-MET adhesive technology creates superior etch and adhesion to enamel in addition to providing chemical and mechanical seal to dentin – referred to as the Nano Interaction Zone. > 7th Generation Bonding Adhesive > Single component > Etch, desensitize, prime and bond in as little as 20 seconds > Not technique sensitive like other "all in one" bonding systems > No post-op sensitivity > Fast and easy application > Strong, reliable, consistent bond > Stable material, simple storage 002277 GC G-BOND Bonding System Contains: One 5 ml bottle of G-BOND, one package of 50 Micro-tips, one Micro-tip handle, one dispensing dish and technique card.