GC, Fuji IX, GP Extra, Refill, B1, 48/caps ++Special Order++

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    • Manufacturer SKU: 442045

      Manufactured By: GC America Inc.

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    GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA is the latest addition to the well established family of glass ionomers that offer unsurpassed wear resistancy, compressive strength, and durability. GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA is the fastest setting glass ionomer on the market. While maintaining the ample working time of GC Fuji IX GP FAST (1 1/4 minutes), GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA allows final finishing in only 2 1/2 minutes from initial mix.The faster final set saves valuable chair time which provides improved stability against water, an important feature in challenging oral environments. This product contains a next generation glass filler, SmartGlass(TM). The filler elicits higher translucency, fluoride release, reactivity and a faster setting time. The unique optical properties of the new filler have also allowed GC America to create a new, lighter shade; B1 is ideal for children and patients who may have undertaken whitening procedures. GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA's new SmartGlass(TM) filler takes glass ionomer to a whole new level: >EXTRA fast setting Finishing in only 2 1/2 minutes >EXTRA high fluoride release Six times higher than the current GC Fuji IX GP FAST >EXTRA translucency Allows improved aesthetics and shade matching >EXTRA strong Maximizes durability for optimum performance 442045 (replaces 002538) Shade B1