EDS, EZ Fill Intro Kit, 3 - 25mm, Nickel Titanium, Bi-directional

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  • Endodontics
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    • Manufacturer SKU: 1605-00

      Manufactured By: EDS - Essential Dental Systems

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    The EZ-Fill system solves traditional obturation problems. Prior to the development of the EZ-Fill bi-directional spiral and epoxy resin root canal cement, it was impossible to coat the canal completely without high incidences of cement overfill. Gutta percha was traditionally used to occlude canals, requiring firm packing apically and laterally. -Thoroughly coats the walls of the root canal and lateral canals without significant cement being forced apically. -The reverse apical spirals rotate in an unwinding direction out of the canal, preventing binding. -Allows a coronal path of exit for excess cement, thus preventing it from going over the apex.