Pentron, Zone, Temporary Cement, Dual-Syringe, 15g

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    • Manufacturer SKU: 27043DX

      Manufactured By: Pentron Clinical

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    No Eugenol ZONE Temporary Cements, (Zinc Oxide Non-Eugenol) Products DUX Dental’s family of ZONE products are formulated completely free of eugenol. ZONE products will not crack or craze acrylics, are non-toxic, and kind to tissue and nerve endings. All ZONE products are low in water solubility and are resistant to breakdown in the oral environment, thus providing long-lasting results. Compatible with all provisional materials. It will not soften, craze, or discolor acrylic or polycarbonate crowns. ZONE Temporary Cement is kind to the pulp and tissue and will not decalcify dentin. ZONE Temporary Cement has a 30-second mixing time and a 2-minute working time. This hard setting, crystalline cement assures consistent, superior retention, yet permits easy removal and clean up. ZONE Temporary Cement Syringes The paste to paste dual syringe makes it easy to dispense with one-handed operation. This formulation allows dispensing ahead of time, when setting up your room for a prep procedure. With precise dispensation, only dispense what is needed and eliminate waste and messy tubes. ZONE Temporary Cement has a 30-second mixing time and a 2-minute working time. Now available in shade A1 for improved aesthetics in the anterior area. 27043 - ZONE Temporary Cement Syringe 15 grams