Cefla, MyRay, ZENX, Hub, additional, Classic 'Plug-in version'

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    • Manufacturer SKU: 70130100

      Manufactured By: Cefla Dental Group America, Inc.

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    Zen-X has been developed to simplify the whole process of taking radiographs thanks to the outstanding ergonomic shape, which ensures maximum patient comfort. Versatility and speed Powerful USB 2.0 connectivity makes the system extraordinarily convenient and mobile and minimizes the time between X-ray exposure and on-screen viewing. No unwieldy power source attachments, thanks to low power requirements sourced directly from the USB port. The pocketsize control box can be taken from room to room and from desktop to laptop with ease. Latest generation sensors Available in two sizes, the sensor is well-built, ergonomic and features a technologically advanced 3-layer structure. Smooth edges and rounded corners make for easy intraoral positioning, saving time and avoiding patient discomfort. An integrated Fibre Optics Plate between the Caesium Iodide scintillator and the CMOS digital receptor preserves image resolution and protects the sensor from direct X-ray penetration. > Reinforced cable attachment on sensor back > Sealed and liquid proof > Hardened outer casing > Rounded corners > Thin profile